Cleanse Balance Build

Dr. Lindsey Duncan shares the Philosophy of Genesis PURE

When I found out about the company called Genesis PURE at the end of September, there happened to be a mini convention which was to be held a week later in Salt Lake City. I decided “what better way” to check out a new business opportunity and their products than to go straight to the source. I was able to spend a day with Dr. Lindsey, explaining his background and experiences that led him to found Genesis PURE. Everything  he shared make good sense and resonated.

Here is a video with Dr. Lindsey – sharing his philosophy for health and healing – in his own words …  


Welcome to My Genesis Journey with Genesis PURE!

I am so excited to be introducing Geneis PURE into the St. Louis area in 2012. What better way to make the typical New Year’s Resolutions for health, weight loss, and fitness come into reality than with this company’s product line of super PURE, natural, organic, and liquid/bioavailbale supplements. What makes us different? It’s the Genesis PURE philosophy of CLEANSE BALANCE BUILD your body from the inside out … releasing the toxic build up in cells, tissues and organs … so everything can get back to a state of optimal health and functioning.  I am looking forward to my journey back to HEALTH and I hope you’ll join me!